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Why Choose Carrie D. Ritsert, Attorney At law?

At Carrie D. Ritsert, Attorney At law, we put our knowledge to work for clients across Kentucky in family law, estate planning, probate, bankruptcy and other legal areas of practice. Our founding attorney is a skilled problem solver with a solid understanding of the law and your legal rights. We will fight to protect these rights and battle for a solution that is in your best interests.

Here are three ways that we are different:

  • Accessibility. It is important to us that you are able to talk to your lawyer when you need to. While we are sometimes in court and otherwise unavailable, messages and calls are always returned in a very timely manner to ensure your questions are answered and concerns are addressed, so you can sleep at night.
  • Affordability. We are strong believers in providing affordable legal services. Getting help for issues and moving forward with your future should not financially break you apart. We work with clients to establish payment plans that suit their situations and needs.
  • Tailored problem solving. Our attorney views each case as unique, and pursues a resolution to the case in a way that suits your specific needs and best interests. Our goal is to solve the problem with minimal negative impact on your life.

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Why choose Carrie D. Ritsert, Attorney At law? You won’t truly know until you speak with our Louisville attorney.

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