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Why Is Pet Planning Important?

Pet planning is essential to make sure your animal does not lose its life due to your unexpected incapacity or death. If your pet ends up in a shelter, adoption may be difficult or impossible – especially if your animal is older after having lived in a loving home with you for much of its life. Tragically many beloved pets do end up homeless and at risk as a result of their owner’s death. If you have not made a pet plan, your animal companions could be among those who face this fate.

Pet planning is important not only for seniors with pets, but also for younger pet owners as well. An untimely death or serious injury when you are young could send your family scrambling, and your grief-stricken loved ones may not be able to provide the appropriate home and care for your animals. Whatever your age, if you have a pet in your life, pet planning is something that you should do.

How Do Your Create A Pet Plan?

The pet planning process is a personal one, with some owners doing just the basics and others taking far more advanced steps. First and most importantly, your plan needs to involve naming a guardian who will take your pets into their home if something happens to you. You should actually have both a guardian and a backup guardian in case something unexpected causes your first-choice caregiver to be unable to assume the responsibility of animal care.

In addition to naming a caregiver, many pet owners will also include financial planning in their pet planning process. Animals are expensive, and you may want to provide financially for yours, even if you are not around to care for them.

Leaving money in your will is one approach, but may not the best approach depending on your personal and financial circumstances, because you lose control over how these funds are managed and spent when you pass away. Trust creation could be a better choice, as you can name a trustee and provide strict instructions regarding how the money is to be used to care for and enrich the life of your animal companion [386B.4-080 Trust for care of animal].

How can a Pet Planning Lawyer Assist with Your Pet’s Well Being?

A pet planning lawyer can provide you with assistance in including your pets in your estate planning or can provide only pet planning services, depending upon your goals. Your attorney will explain to you what kinds of legal tools you can use and what types of steps you can take to protect your animal companions.

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