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Leveling The Field For Child Custody And Visitation

While the law technically takes a gender neutral stance to child custody, fathers all too often end up with every other weekend and one night a week visitation schedules. Shared 50/50 parenting plans can be an option, but you must consider a number of factors. It’s important to speak with a practical custody and parenting time lawyer at the beginning of the process to build a strategy.

At the office of Carrie D. Ritsert, Attorney At law, we have a track record of obtaining favorable custody and parenting time results for fathers. We provide comprehensive representation that includes going to court, when necessary, to clear roadblocks that are preventing you from seeing your children.

Individualized Parenting Plans That Meet Your Needs

In family law cases, emotion-driven decision making can lead to poor outcomes. One parent who is hurt may refuse every shared parenting proposal. It may be necessary to go to court to fight for a fair parenting schedule that allows you to maintain a strong relationship with your children.

Here are some of the initial things to consider when asking for shared parenting time in Kentucky:

  • Proximity to schools — if requesting an every other week schedule, there must be a plan for busing or a willingness to drive children to school if you live outside of a district
  • Special needs of the children — this might require sensitivity to medication schedules/equipment or strategies to avoid certain foods based on allergies

If a job opportunity arise out of state, it is important to realize that it is not possible to have equal time with such distance. However it is possible to maximize holiday and summer break times in order to spend the most time you can with them during these extended periods.

The best interests of the children will be what guides a court in deciding child custody and visitation disputes. It must stay top of mind when striving to create a long-term, workable arrangement with the other parent.

Fighting For You

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