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Is it possible for fathers to get joint custody?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Family Law |

Most divorced fathers want to get a fair amount of custody or visitation time with their Kentucky children. Unfortunately, they might have trouble getting joint custody if a judge assumes that their former spouse is the primary caregiver. If you’re in this situation, your best bet is to stay out of court as much as possible.

How can fathers secure a joint custody agreement?

If you’re on civil terms with your estranged spouse, you don’t necessarily have to go to family court. Your divorce attorney could help you write a parenting plan that gives both parties an equal amount of time with their children. If you can come to an agreement outside of court, you’ll sign off on a parenting plan to make it legally binding and move on with your lives.

The situation becomes more complicated if you have to go to court. Your attorney could help you build a case that proves that you’re just as capable as the child’s other parent. Even if you and your estranged spouse can’t reach an agreement, you could write a parenting plan that suggests a fair deal for everyone. This also helps you figure out when you could look after your child and what days are ideal for your custody arrangement.

How can you show the court that you’re a good parent?

Many fathers make the mistake of assuming that the judge will automatically rule against them. If you don’t make an effort to secure custody, the judge might assume that you don’t want it anyway and award full custody to your former spouse. It’s important to stay involved in your children’s lives and build a case that shows the court that you’re a devoted parent. You don’t have to “outdo” your former spouse, but you should be a positive force in your children’s lives.