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Divorce month is coming! Wait, what?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Family Law |

January is a very common month for people to file for divorce. For lawyers who specialize in family law and divorce, it is indeed a very busy time. Despite the claims that this is a myth, it is actually true, and January being dubbed “divorce month” is grounded in reality.

Why January?

As soon as the holiday decorations come down, family law offices witness a consistent uptick in inquiries and filings. Several factors contribute to the end of these marriages.

First, the holiday season acts as a temporary hiatus for couples who may face challenges in the relationship. Holiday parties and celebrations can take away their worries, even if temporarily, until the holidays are over and the couple is confronted with their day-to-day reality.

New Year’s resolutions

During the holidays and in January, most people reflect on the past year and what they want to achieve in the coming year. Some people decide they want to get fit, learn a new language, develop a new skill or strive for a promotion at work.

Similarly, some married people decide that their marriage is no longer working for them and that they want to divorce their spouse. Of course, this is a serious and life-altering decision, and people contemplating divorce should not take the idea lightly. Individuals should give thorough thought and consideration to this decision.


One of the most common issues married couples argue about is finances. The holiday season can increase financial stress for couples, especially with expenses related to gifts, travel, and hosting. This can make it more challenging for them to agree on financial matters. When January arrives and the bills come due, one or both spouses may decide to get a divorce.

Fantasy vs. reality

Most of all, however, the holidays create a temporary idealized version of daily living that is short-lived and not realistic in the long term. Once couples realize they must return to reality for the next eleven months, they may decide to part ways.

Divorce is a complicated process, but it is not impossible to get through it and find happiness. Many times, divorce is the answer for some marriages, and they are better off splitting up.

If children are involved, it is critical for the parents to collaborate and work together so they can decrease the amount of instability that children will endure during the process of divorce.