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Ideas for fair co-parenting during the summer

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Family Law |

When parents divorce in Kentucky, they need to write a parenting plan, or the court will do it for them. Creating a timeshare schedule is one component of a co-parenting agreement. You might want to adjust the schedule for your child’s summer break.


This works best for parents who live close to each other and don’t mind frequent transitions. Children would stay with parent A for two days, parent B for two days and parent A for three days. The long three-day weekends swap back and forth.


This is a longer alternative to the 2-2-3 schedule. You would take turns having the children for three and four days at a time.

Alternating weeks

Older children may prefer an alternating-week plan. They would stay with parent A for one or two weeks, then with parent B for the same amount of time.

Entire summer at one home

If one parent plans on moving to another state after the divorce, then you’ll want to consider structuring your timeshare schedule to allow them to have the kids for the entire summer or most of the summer. You could negotiate to have the kids for specific special events, but you may want to allow the other parent to have them during their spring break to make up for it.

Special events

Take special events, such as birthdays and Father’s Day, into consideration. After choosing a general timeshare schedule, look at the calendar in advance to see if any conflicts will occur. You may want to negotiate allowing your child to spend Father’s Day with their dad or a birthday with their other parent for that day. You could also double the timeshare schedule for that week, then double it for your time after to account for the special event.

Plan vacations before summer begins to ensure the timeshare schedule will be fair. It will reduce stress and help everyone be happy. Take into consideration your child’s summer activities, such as camps, sports and special trips.

Co-parents can enjoy summer vacations with their kids, doing so does require more planning, however. This helps ensure both parents can take time off of work to do something fun with the kids. It also reduces conflicts.