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Tips for Kentucky fathers during child custody battles

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2023 | Family Law |

Kentucky fathers might feel anxiety when preparing for a child custody hearing. Negative gender stereotypes sometimes work against fathers when child custody is an issue. And going into a custody battle with this knowledge can make a father worry about the outcome. If you’re a father preparing for a child custody hearing, these tips can possibly help with the road ahead.

Show a genuine interest in your child

Regarding custody matters, the judge should know you’re engaged and active in your child’s life. You should know everything from their friends’ names to their daily school schedule. And don’t assume the judge will automatically think you’re an active part of your child’s life. It’s likely that based on your responses and attitude, a judge can tell if you’re active in your child’s life or just passively a part of it.

Take note of negative interactions between your spouse and child

If your spouse does things to turn your child against you, make a note of each incident. For example, your spouse might take steps to keep you and your child apart out of anger. Recording dates and places can help with your custody battle. Provide as much detail as possible, including the time of the interaction.

Avoid sharing negative feelings about your spouse

You might feel hurt and angry about the divorce. And as a father, you might feel the need to vent your frustration with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Avoid sharing your frustrations with your child, no matter how stressed you are. It will seem like you’re trashing your ex in front of your child. If your behavior is revealed in court, the judge might feel you’re working against the child’s best interest.

Keep your goal in mind

A child custody battle can become heated in court. But no matter what happens, it helps to remain calm and display the proper courtroom behavior. Your goal as a father is to get the best possible outcome for yourself and your child.