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3 tips to help your children transition during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Family Law |

Having children complicates things if you’re getting a divorce in Kentucky. Communicating with each child is critical to help them handle the changes as best as possible. Here are three tips to help ensure the transition goes smoothly.

Let your children talk and feel emotions

Your child will likely be feeling negative emotions when you announce your divorce. Letting them talk and express their feelings is essential during this period. Answering their questions is also crucial as they’ll likely want to know who they’ll live with. Reassuring them that they are loved and keeping things as normal as possible can be helpful. Talking about your breakup and why it’s occurring can be beneficial. You don’t have to go into specific details.

Keeping a routine can be beneficial

When a divorce is imminent, it will change family dynamics, which can be stressful. During this time, it’s best to support your children’s routines. Keeping things as normal as possible can help relieve tension and allow each child to adapt to new changes slowly. Discussing those changes is essential to ensure your children understand how to navigate them correctly.

Make sure they know they are not at fault

Some children believe they’re responsible for causing a divorce. Letting your kids know they are not at fault is critical for their well-being. Making sure you don’t talk negatively about your ex is also vital. You may have to reassure your children that you’ll all get through this transition if needed. They may experience several different emotions. Showing them support is the best way to help them understand how to deal with the situation.

While divorce can be overwhelming when it’s first announced in your family, you can work through it by keeping a full line of communication with your children. Doing so is the best way to ensure they feel loved and needed.