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Can fathers get sole custody of children in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Family Law |

Although it is uncommon for fathers to get sole custody of their kids, it is not impossible. Fathers who are considering seeking sole custody have some important factors to consider.

When do fathers have a chance of sole custody?

If the home environment with the other parent is unsafe, the father may be granted sole custody. For example, if the other parent has exhibited violent behavior or is involved in dangerous activities, the judge may decide that the kids are safer being around the father. While it is rare for one parent to not want custody of the kids, that is a possibility for a father wanting sole custody to get it. If the other parent is in prison for an extended time, that may be another reason for sole custody.

What are the disadvantages of sole custody?

Whether fathers or mothers have sole custody, there are some potential drawbacks. Fathers who are the main income providers may have difficulty finding reliable childcare. Also, they may find it difficult to manage their jobs and the kids’ extracurricular activities. Even taking care of children when they are at home without another parent present puts more pressure on the father with sole custody. When kids do not see one parent often, they may grow apart from that parent. This can be hard on kids and parents in many ways. It helps to understand sole custody and family law.

Courts tend to favor shared custody agreements that are fair and let children spend time with each parent. Anyone who is considering seeking sole custody with good reason should spend some time weighing the pros and cons.