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The steps of probate in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Probate is the result of distributing a person’s estate to the chosen heirs after death. The rules are different for residents in Kentucky than in some other states because there is no estate tax. The following are the steps taken during the probate process.

File a petition

The first step is to file a petition with the county’s court clerk. This is located in the county of the decedent’s last residence. If the decedent left a will, this original document must be filed with the petition.

File an inventory

Two months after the decedent dies, the executor of his or her will has to file an inventory of the estate. This often involves writing down every personal item that was listed in the decedent’s will or every item of significant value that was left behind in his or her residence. Determining its value is possible by reviewing receipts and bank statements.

File an accounting

The last step of probate is for the executor to file an accounting of the estate’s receipts and disbursements. These include funds that were received from all forms of the decedent’s income. Then, any money that is distributed must be recorded, such as funeral and burial expenses, final medical bills and debts. After all of the estate taxes and fees are paid, the remaining estate is distributed to the heirs.

Knowing which step to take next

When administering a deceased person’s estate, few people can ignore the significance of probate. It can be a confusing process for many people, so they should start by knowing every step of probate.