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Tips for fighting for custody of your child as a father

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Family Law |

Although many cases involve the mother trying to obtain full custody, there are fathers who want to exercise their rights to their children as well. While it could be challenging, it’s not impossible to win a custody battle as long as you have your information organized.

Child support

While working with an attorney who handles family law cases, you want to make sure you pay any child support payments that have been ordered on time. If you haven’t been ordered to pay child support, then consider sending money to help care for your child to show that you are capable of providing support and that you are a responsible parent.


When you make the decision to file for custody of your child, you want to maintain adequate records that can be given to your attorney and to the court. Document everything that you send to your child, your income, any appointments that you attend with your child and your overall involvement. If you’re questioned in court, then these records could help your case by showing each detail instead of you trying to remember what you’ve done in the months leading to going to court.


Even before you’ve heard a decision from your custody hearing, you want to try to prepare your home for your child. If your child visits, then this is something that should be done anyway. They will need a private place to sleep and to get dressed and an area to play. You’ll also want to show that you have food and all of the necessities that your child will need.

When your relationship with your child’s other parent doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that you have to put aside custody of your child. If you can show the court that you’re a responsible parent, then the challenges you face in seeking custody might not be so large.