Skilled Business And Corporate Law Representation

A major focus of our practice at Singler & Ritsert is handling the legal needs of the business community in and around Louisville, Kentucky. Our lawyers are highly experienced in this area and counsel our clients from establishing a new business to winding down an existing company. Our firm understands the risks and liabilities that are associated with being a business owner. We represent our clients with the goal of minimizing those risks in order to maximize our client's potential success.

The risks that go along with starting a new business can be diminished with the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced counsel throughout the process. Our attorneys advise our clients on the property selection of their business entity and draft all necessary documents for formation. In addition to drafting documents for formation, we can also draft a broad range of documents that protect your business' interests, including noncompete/ trade secret, confidentiality, vendor and employment agreements, as well as handle other nonbusiness-related matters.

Noncompete And Trade Secret Agreements

Noncompete agreements can play an important strategic role in protecting your business interests. While these agreements are often considered unenforceable because of their restrictive nature, our attorneys possess the requisite knowledge and skill to draft agreements that will be upheld in Court, if such agreements are challenged, our attorneys enforce these agreements for our clients.

Business Transactions

The relationship our firm develops with our clients is a lasting one that continues beyond the formation and early years of their business. Situations often arise during the course of business where advice from an attorney, who is knowledgeable not only in the law, but also your business, can be invaluable. Whether growing your business organically or through acquisitions, our firm handles all matters dealing with buying and selling of businesses. If need be, our attorneys also assist our clients with the winding-down and dissolution of an existing company.

Business Litigation

Litigation can be costly, but sometimes it is the only option available which adequately protects your business' interests. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants, and are dedicated to resolving our clients' cases effectively and efficiently as possible. Our litigation attorneys have experience in litigating a broad range of disputes that arise in a business context, including, but not limited to, breach of contract, administrative law issues, employee grievances, vendor disputes, asset purchase disputes and franchise disputes.

Nonprofit Corporations

Applying for and keeping 501 (c)(3) charity status can be a challenge for not for profit corporation. We understand the complexities of the charitable status and can help guide your nonprofit, so you can spend more time fulfilling your charitable programming and less time in compliance and paperwork.

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